A Commitment to Quality and the Environment

Down to Earth® is a product of Metropolitan Ceramics®. Metropolitan Ceramics has a long history of manufacturing the highest quality unglazed ceramic quarry tile and is committed to environmental stewardship.  We pride ourselves on our effort to recycle, reduce waste, and incorporate resource saving practices into our everyday work practices.

Dedicated From Start To Finish

Metropolitan Ceramics® considers many environmental aspects when producing Down to Earth® tile. Visit our environment sections to learn more about Down to Earth's environmental advantages.

Recycled Content
Indoor Air Quality

Metropolitan Ceramics® and LEED®

Metropolitan Ceramics® is manufactured in Canton, Ohio U.S.A. To the left is a map showing cities within a 100 mile radius of Metropolitan Ceramics® manufacturing facility. Visit our LEED page to learn more about Metropolitan Ceramics® and LEED.

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Green Squared Certified Tile for Outdoor

Down to Earth® is a product of Metropolitan Ceramics® and is your source for Green Squared Certified ceramic quarry tile. Green Squared is North America’s first sustainable product program written exclusively for tiles and tile installation material.

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