Indoor Air Quality

During Installation and Once Installed
Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile can be installed and sealed with inert products, providing air quality advantages during installation. The low absorption, kiln-fired, natural materials that make up Metropolitan® quarry tile produce no off-gassing sometimes associated with other 'soft' flooring products. Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile is neither an 'original source' nor a source for 'absorbed' volatile organic chemicals.

Metropolitan® quarry tile will not contribute to the growth of mold and bacteria. Floor coverings make up a large percentage of surface space in a building, and a Metropolitan® quarry tile floor, when properly installed and maintained, will help contribute to a healthy work and living environment.

Other possible sources of VOCs are the cleaning products required to clean some surface materials. Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile can be cleaned using non-toxic, water-based cleaners.