Outdoor Tile Like No Other

Down to Earth® outdoor ceramic tiles combine durability, slip resisting characteristics and natural appeal that makes them a 'natural' choice for outdoor tile installations. Some other tiles recommended for outdoor use may not perform up to such high expectations. 
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Enhance Your Look with a Contrasting Grout Color

Down to Earth® is a tile with texture. To achieve a more dramatic effect use a contrasting grout color. Use a similar grout color to achieve a more subtle appearance.  

Visit our cleaning & maintenance page for more information on special cleaning instructions for Down to Earth tile.

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Exceptional Test Results!

Down to Earth® tile is a product of Metropolitan Ceramics®. Metropolitan Ceramics® unglazed tile is classified as quarry tile, and its exceptional technical characteristics enable it to be used in virtually any application suitable for tile, including outdoor tile!

Visit our tile specifications & test results page to download a sample specification and test results.

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